2016 ABI Blenheim

Another great caravan from ABI
  • ABI Blenheim
  • ABI Blenheim
  • ABI Blenheim
  • ABI Blenheim
  • ABI Blenheim

ABI Blenheim Specification

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A welcoming space big enough for the whole family with the added luxuries you deserve.


New for 2016, The Blenheim is designed for families of all ages who expect a little more from their holiday home.

More comfort, more style and more space means more fun whatever each day of your holiday holds. You'll want to spend every possible moment in The Blenheim.

Say hello to a spacious holiday home that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them in every way that is available in 3 layouts.

You’ll find everything you’d expect inside, plus a lot of things you wouldn’t. Generous kitchen storage, built-in appliances, double patio doors and a calming colour scheme are just a few of the features that make this holiday home a unique place to be. Treat yourself to a holiday home with all the luxuries you could dream of!

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